At Insura Broking Group we, like you, know that hail, fire, livestock intrusion, overspray, transit and storage loss can all spell disaster for your grain crop.

Whether you require Broadacre, Viticulture or Orchard crop insurance, we are committed to making sure that your crop is protected from seed to silo.

We know that it is not enough to simply insure your crop. Getting crop insurance right means talking to someone who not only understands the complexities of crop cover, but also knows about the specific needs of your region.

Insura Broking Group staff understand the local needs of crop producers, so will work with you to ensure that your policy is matched to your circumstances.

We will also continue to work alongside you through each season to ensure that your cover provides appropriate protection for your farm year after year.

  • Broadacre – Hail and Fire cover for cereal and non-cereal crops
  • Broadacre – Lack of rainfall Drought Product (ProCrop)
  • Cotton – flexible, affordable Hail cover for loss of yield
  • Forestry – covering plantation timber such as pines and eucalypts
  • Greenhouse – covers both the structure and crop in the one policy
  • Orchard – protects against losses caused by Hail and Fire
  • Viticulture – protects against losses caused by Hail and Fire
  • Plus a whole range of other crops including olive groves and tomato plantations.

ProCrop Insurance

A new Underwriting Agency specialising in providing innovative crop protection products to the Australian farming industry.

ProCrop Insurance is offering a ground breaking product to the Australian grain growing farming community which is 100% underwritten by Australia’s leading rural insurer, CGU Insurance. The new product provides major benefits that are not currently available to farmers.

Cover is for the financial loss when farmers receive less than 50% of their mean average rainfall during the critical ‘flowering’ period and subsequently their harvest earnings are impacted to the extent the input costs are not recovered in total.

ProCrop Insurance is dedicated to manufacturing products that relevant and make rural Australia stronger, more profitable and financially sustainable.

ProCrop Insurance will distribute this new product widely to the farming industry in Victoria and South Australia initially including via the traditional intermediary market and farming groups.