The majority of Farm Motor Insurance policies offer three levels of farm vehicle and machinery cover to choose between – from basic through to premium protection. Policies are specifically designed for people on the land, offering flexibility in the types of vehicles and cover you can choose.

Choose the type of cover that’s right for your vehicle:

  • Comprehensive Insurance – covers loss or damage to your own vehicle and your liability for damage to other people’s vehicles and property.
  • Fire, Theft and Liability Insurance – protection against fire and theft only to your own vehicle and liability for damage to other people’s vehicles and property.
  • Liability Only – covers your liability for damage to other people’s vehicles and property only.


Key Features

  • Cover available for a range of vehicles, including goods carrying and agricultural vehicles
  • $30 million liability
  • Up to 60% No Claim Bonus
  • 30 day car hire following theft
  • Up to $500 for recovery or return of vehicle