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Transit & Delivery Insurance

Insura Broking Group is a specialised Transit & Delivery insurance broker who has partnered with Farm Tender and one of Australia’s largest insurance companies NTI to provide Farm Tender customers the opportunity to insure purchased items for Transit & Delivery Insurance via an online portal.

This portal provides an opportunity to quote and bind cover for Delivery & Transit Insurance on the following commodities : –

  • Livestock
  • Agricultural/mining materials
  • Cars, Bikes, Caravans, boats & vehicles
  • Food & Beverage (non temp controlled)
  • Plant, machinery, Parts & Accessories
  • Wholesale, Retail & General

** If any limits or conditions exceeded a referral will be made to the team at Insura Broking Group


  • Items Must be professionally carried (Except for livestock can be own carried)
  • Dedicated Livestock policy wording
  • Policy wording for non-livestock commodities


Other Marine Insurance

Marine insurance is essential for anyone transporting possessions by Road, Train, Air, Sea or Post. Marine policies are required based on the conditions of import, export or inland sending’s you have arranged. Insura Broking Group has the necessary experience to discuss these conditions with you and match the correct cover to ensure your imports, exports or inland sending’s are covered from Door to door anywhere in the world.

Marine insurance provides piece of mind to the carrier that they will not be liable for any accidents in transit. It can be tailored to create policies that give you the tightest shipping and transport protection for the best value.

Covers available:

  • Single Transit
  • Annual Marine Cargo
  • Goods in Transit
  • Carriers Cargo Liability
  • Carriers Goods in Transit