As a Livestock producer your precise asset is your animals.  Insura Broking Group in conjunction with CGU Insurance have developed a Farm Insurance product covering the Theft of Livestock up to a value of $200,000 at any one situation, along with a nominated amount for “Fire & Perils” cover on the livestock.


What is covered?

Livestock is covered for the specified amounts you nominate:  Livestock means any type of farm animal specified on Your Schedule. This does not include domestic animals or Working Dogs.

  • Fires & Perils cover to your nominated Sum Insured
  • Theft Cover to your nominated amount (Max $200,000)
  • Excess applicable to each section is specified on the schedule


What is not covered?

  • Unexplained shortages or disappearances
  • Theft or attempted Theft by You or any member of Your family who normally lives with You, or by a person acting on your behalf
  • Theft or attempted Theft by employees


What type of Livestock can be insured?

  • Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle
  • Sheep
  • Pigs
  • Goats
  • Alpaca/Lama


Fire & Perils

We will cover You for loss or damage caused by:

  • fire or explosion
  • lightning or thunderbolt
  • earthquake, or tsunami
  • vandalism
  • riots, civil commotions, industrial or political disturbances
  • impact by an aircraft, spacecraft or satellite, or anything dropped from them
  • Impact by a falling tree or part of a tree. impact by a falling television or radio antenna, mast or dish
  • Impact by any animal or bird that is not kept at Your Situation. This does not include any animal or bird attacking, eating, chewing, clawing or pecking Your Livestock.
  • Impact by vehicles and watercraft.


Theft of Livestock

  • The Livestock set out on Your Schedule is insured is insured for Theft or any attempted Theft. It is only insured if You own, or are liable for the Livestock.
  • Excess options from $5000 to $20,000



  • Theft cover will only apply at the situation(s) nominated on the schedule.
  • The situation must be occupied by an owner or manager or under be under regular supervision.
  • Records must be kept of all stock movements including but not limited to the National Livestock Identification Scheme.
  • The limit any one animal is $2,000
  • Livestock is limited to specified type on schedule


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